Smiling Buddha Zen Center (SBZC), Nikoyaka Butsu-in, is located in the greater Denver Metro area, in beautiful Colorado. The Zen Center is affiliated with the Order of Clear Mind Zen (the head of the order is Daiho Roshi), in the lineage of Soyu Matsuoka Roshi – who was a Gondaikyshi (Bishop) of Soto Zen and the resident teacher at Sokoji Zen temple in San Francisco. Matsuoka Roshi also founded the Zen Buddhist Temple of Chicago and, in 1971, the Long Beach Zen Buddhist Temple. The honorary Abbot and guiding teacher of SBZC is Shoji Sorensen Roshi, Abbot of Gyōa-ji Zen temple, Hanashobu-an. (That’s three Roshis in one paragraph, which feels excessive). Formal practice is primarily in Soto Zen style. 

The resident teacher at SBZC is John Kijo Sensei, who originally ordained in 1991 with the White Plum/Maezumi Roshi Zen lineage and in the Matsuoka lineage in 2017. The assistant temple priest  at SZBC is Rev. Maria Shinzai, whom Kijo Sensei is fortunate to be married to, as he is reminded every day. The cats run the place in reality. We are just here to serve them.  The yellow ‘Read More’ button below, takes you to the ‘About Us’ page and tells you a little more about who we are and what SBZC is about. Before you click though, maybe take thirty seconds or so to just sit comfortably still and be aware of your breathing. Don’t try and breathe in any particular way. Don’t try and still your mind. Just be with your breathing for a few moments…then click this button 🙂



Next Zoom Zazen

Sunday, October 10th 2021
Due to Covid, we can only host three people at a time at most for in person meditation, which is ongoing. Please wear a mask at all times for your safety and ours.