I pay homage to the great Bodhisattvas:
So worthy of veneration:

Thus, I pay homage to the garbage collectors,
To the parents with children learning remotely,
To those with children going to school wearing masks,
With the well being of all in mind.

I pay homage to the delivery and transport drivers
And to the grocery store and farm workers,
Risking their lives so that we all can eat.

I pay homage to postal workers,
And to the emergency workers,
who work tirelessly,
Dealing with the masked and the unmasked,
With the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

I pay homage to the care workers,
To doctors, nurses and janitors,
To the administrative staff in hospitals,
Doctor’s offices and clinics,
Customer service and police and fire departments.

I pay homage to construction workers,
To those who serve our food in restaurants,
To the undocumented, who work so hard for so little.
I pay homage to all those who are so often unseen, unheard.

To those who are unhomed,
And to those who work from home.
To those who clean for us and cook for us,
Who look after animals with love,
And tenderness beyond words,
To those who take the time to put on a mask at the store,
I pay homage.

To all of these,
I express my thanks,
while knowing that it is never enough.

I bow down with gratitude.
My head touching the ground,
Mindful of our interdependence,
Our interbeing and duty of care for all.